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I probably use it more than my big cameras for personal work unless I'm on a specific job. Comes for Nikon , for Sony , for Canon and for Sigma. My favorite telephoto of all time and of all brands, period. Ultrasharp and instant focusing tele. For APS-C. I'm still getting back from my trip to Yosemite last week. Here's a sample from this all-American Kodak combination:. My film was processed and scanned by California's North Coast Photo Services , who does this all by mail order from anyplace on Earth.

You're all encouraged to join us. The X-T is a basic interchangeable-lens crop-sensor mirrorless camera — that comes in three nice colors!

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It's optically a great full-frame lens at a giveaway price for all Sony mirroess cameras. The Yosemite Conservancy, who do the registrations , may have a spot or two open if you're around. We'd love to see you! What's interesting is to see that images from year-old designs like this didn't get softer or look that much worse at their highest ISOs ads compared to their lowest. As I keep saying, many of the reasons today's cameras go to such insane high ISOs is because of DSP tricks, and the fact that camera makers allow the pictures to get so much worse at their highest settings in a competitive quest to look better on paper than their competitors.

I've seen people pay more for used Nikon batteries, which is a bad idea as even brand new the Nikon batteries were always awful.

The D1 uses Ni-MH batteries and they were loaded with problems from day one. After all his head is shaped like a giant potato, he is not remotely attractive to look at, and despite being intelligent and friendly, he does voice some rather extreme opinions that make him look like a mad old git. He is the antithesis of the British Politician, who never says what he thinks.

5 Things we can all learn from Ken Rockwell (hint: not much to do with Photography)

Whether we know it or not, we like characters who are true to themselves, those not afraid to vent opinions that we may hold, but feel that we cannot or should not articulate. This is the essence of good journalism. It is a mood which resonates with the reader. The journalist, the writer, has the skill to put into words what other people are thinking.

The more media attention Clarkson gets, the more viewers he gets, the more books he sells and the more money he makes. Why publicise yourself, when you can get other people to talk and write about you for free.

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Ken Rockwell gets a lot of stick and he is laughing all the way to the bank. Consider that he may even be rabble-rousing on purpose. Do what works for you, not what you think the world wants.

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There are far too many people in the world who attempt to pander to everyone to make them all feel better. Art and photography certainly falls in the same category , is a sensitive subject, but opinions are just opinions, we all have them. We have different beliefs and different ideas of what we like and what we want. Often purchasers look to people to validate the decisions that they have made in buying the right camera, or the right lens. What they really wanted was to know themselves what they should do.

5 Things we can all learn from Ken Rockwell (hint: not much to do with Photography)

In this sense he scores some kudos points. The initial results were pretty bad, but they did teach me a lot about photography, and the use of light, exposure latitude, apertures and shutter speeds, and how to deal with high dynamic range scenes. I think I jumped in at the deep end. I buy only from these approved sources. I can't vouch for ads below.

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In life, deals are found when you come across something no one else has. There are rarely deals on eBay. So many people use eBay that you're not going to find anything that hundreds of other users haven't also found. The key on eBay, as in life, is to find things no one else has.

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This is much tougher on eBay, because there are thousands of other people looking for precisely these same deals at the same time. I've bought hundreds of items over eBay. I got lucky in these cases; out of hundreds of items, each of these simply had not much of anyone else looking for them when I did. That's it for deals, but I've gotten dozens of boxes of junk.

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On eBay, I get what I pay for, or maybe a little more, and I'm happy. As I must emphasize, eBay is for finding odd and unusual used items, not for buying anything new or recent. Most Buy-it-Now offers are just the seller dreaming. However, once in a while, a real deal can show up as a Buy-it-Now.

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When they do, the people who spend their lives looking for these snatch them up within seconds. If you find a new listing less than a few hours old and it looks like a deal, it just might be. Anything left out as a buy-it-now for more than a few hours is probably overpriced. Reasonable Opening Bids. This is another way sellers cheat themselves, but these can treat you to a deal.