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Sometimes I put glop on my face for beauty reasons.

This one was cheapo and fun to mix and really worked. I don't get paid by them or anything! Just have mega oily skin and clarisshair and jankinjo recommended this on book tour.

It works! Plus it makes me look frightening. Even Ms.

I took a shot of apple cider vinegar for a month and now I won't stop

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Let's not even. You can try a DIY by mixing two parts ACV with baking soda, or even use it as a mouthwash mix it with some water first!

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Summer is on the way! Shorts season pretty much guarantees you'll get some itchy bug bites. But luckily, ACV can help with that, too. When the fermentation has completed we then coarse filter and rack the cider into large bag-in-boxes. They will age in these bag-in-boxes for up to six or eight months. Our ciders are blended recipes taken from the different raw cider created.

A taste of the forbidden fruit

Once a recipe is settled upon, we blend the volume we mean to bottle. We only use apple juice concentrate or other juice concentrate for sweetening; we will not use processed sugar or corn syrup in our ciders. Once the blend is complete and mixed well we then run the cider through a fine filtration into our carbonation tank.

In this tank is where the carbonation bubbles are added as the cider is still before this point. It takes three to four days to carbonate and then we bottle the cider.

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Once the cider is bottled, we then pasteurize the cider in bottle to protect flavor and ensure a longer shelf life of the cider. The final step is to label the bottles. Now the cider is ready for the consumer.

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