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Don't let any of these pitfalls ruin your next vacation! Before arriving in Canada, contact your local cell phone carrier to get information about special pricing plans for calls, text messaging and Internet usage outside your home country. And remember, phone calls and data are two separate things.

Be sure to adjust your cell phone's data settings if you don't have a plan that covers international emails, texting and such. You can always find hot spots and enable data use only at these times. Weather across Canada ranges dramatically. Whereas Vancouver has a moderate climate with not much snow in winter, Toronto and Montreal have hot, humid summers and freezing cold, snow-filled winters.

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Layered clothing fits the bill for almost any Canadian destination, but be assured, if you are visiting Canada between November and March you will need proper winter clothing, including waterproof boots, parka, gloves, and hat. And don't judge by latitude alone.

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Winnipeg, for example, even though south of Edmonton, gets comparably severe winter weather conditions. When outlining your itinerary, be sure to factor in travel times, so you can actually enjoy the places you visit instead of rushing from one to the next. Coast to coast, Canada covers five time zones and a whopping 7, kilometers miles from the most easterly capital, St.

Driving from Canada's most popular destination Toronto to the second most visited city Vancouver would take 40 hours non-stop - and the fastest route isn't even through Canada. You can walk away from a Best Buy Mobile location ready to go with your new phone.

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