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The woman had scammed her father out of all of his savings. While most scams may not be as severe this one, the act of scamming elderly people is a massive problem in the United States. Scammers do not discriminate when it comes to who they try and get money out of: rich, poor, black, white, 65 and healthy, 85 and ailing.

The American Journal of Public Health estimates that about 5 percent of the elderly population which equates to around two to three million people suffer from some sort of scam every year. Scamming the elderly is a multi-billion dollar business for people around the U.

This population is largely trustworthy and made up of financially fruitful people whose cognition may have decreased due to varying ailments. It may be far too late to do anything if a loved one finds out about it years later. On one side, an elderly person could have millions of dollars at hand after saving for retirement and getting monthly pension checks and government benefits.

Sometimes, the elderly simply get bullied into handing over money to scammers. Whether in-person or over the phone, a scammer could relentlessly press an elderly person for money until they break.

As we age, we are more likely to have some sort of cognitive brain condition like dementia, which affects memory and overall cognitive function. Scammers will attack these weaknesses. For instance, a scammer can call someone in their 80s pretending to be their grandchild. The elderly can simply get embarrassed by getting scammed, leading them to not report it to the authorities. On top of that, many elderly people have no idea where to report scams to, which is sadly all the better for scammers. Aside from why seniors may be targeted, these scams come in various forms that take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

Scammers can attack in a variety of ways. They often appear as pop-ups and advertisements on websites, and within email campaigns.

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The email will most likely ask you to download something, or the malware will download automatically when you open the email. If this happens, delete it immediately. Whatever you download could damage your computer or install ransomware that allows hackers to search through everything on your computer, such as tax files, retirement account and bank account information, and more.

Internet scams can be disguised as winning entrees for a sweepstakes or lottery. A good tip to remember on the Internet is that nothing is ever free. These are, largely, fake. These drugs may not even be real, and the people behind them are just trying to get your insurance information or credit card number.

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Or, the drugs may be counterfeit, essentially acting as placebos. This is obviously severely dangerous to your health and potentially fatal. Elderly people consume about one-third of all the prescription drugs in the U. The unfortunate part, though, is scammers use this as an opportunity to get money out of the elderly. Advertisements for fake Botox, creams, and other anti-aging products pop up and some folks will bite.

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This is another scam that can be sent through email. This can be dangerous, especially for anti-aging products that you need to inject to take. And secondly, you may be paying for a product that, once it shows up, could harm you. This is exactly like the scam detailed at the beginning of this article.

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You meet someone online, fall in love before you ever meet in person though the relationship could lead to meeting in-person , and they start to ask for money to help solve debt problems. This is especially bad for those who could be isolated from other family members looking for companionship, and it also takes aim at those who may have recently lost a spouse and are in need of personal contact.

If you detect something is a scam, contact the company directly with a phone call to see if the offer is real. You may run into scams on the Internet that deal with credit card cash advances. It makes no sense for a credit card company to give you a massive spending limit without knowing your credit score.

Some elderly people may not want to stop working as they age. The baby boomer generation, who are working more than any aging generation before them , is looking for work past the retirement age for health insurance, retirement fund, and extra income purposes. They use it for you to submit an application with your social security number and other personal information.

They can also actually be offering a job that promises insurance and commission, but you can get hired and work for months before learning the entire thing is a scam. These jobs often appear as sales and telecommunications jobs. The ad will then ask you to place a down payment for the deal, which often has a short time limit. The deal, which probably at first glance was too good to be true, was never real to begin with.

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Amada, who the investigators recommended be fired, had handed in his notice in June. At the time of his resignation, the year veteran was facing another, unrelated complaint alleging excessive use of force, and had recently been suspended for another incident where he was deemed to have acted carelessly during a police pursuit, the paper reported.

According to charging documents, the two argued on Feb. The dispute grew so heated that the woman got out of the car and walked home, leaving Torres in a post office parking lot with her silver Toyota Corolla.

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The next morning, she told police, she contacted Torres on Facebook and asked for the car back. He refused. When officers showed up at the beige stucco house on March 3, they spotted Torres inside. He made a beeline up the stairs, police wrote. Thinking he might escape through a window, they ran to the other side of the house, only to discover that the teen was on the roof. In his affidavit, Officer Patrick Smith wrote that Torres looked ready to jump but seemed to change his mind when he saw police waiting for him on the ground.

Court records show that Torres was arrested for third-degree grand theft of a motor vehicle, resisting an officer without violence and violating the terms of his pretrial release for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge from January. He pleaded guilty to all three offenses in May and was sentenced to a year and a half of supervised probation. According to the Sentinel, Torres told internal affairs investigators that he ignored the command because he was afraid of getting hurt. In their report, officials noted that Massiah was following orders when he pushed the teenager off the roof, WFTV reported.

The officer, who had no prior disciplinary violations, told investigators he feared that both he and Torres would fall off the roof if they started tussling. The potential consequences for Amada were more severe because investigators felt that he should have known better after 14 years on the force.